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Our GRC Product Range

Due to its freedom of shape, GRC can be moulded to produce modern shapes as well as replicating traditional or historic features or prefabricated architectural cladding.

Our GRC products can be produced in a range of seven standard colours with bespoke options available. Explore our colour and pattern options in the latest brochure.

Our GRC can be moulded into a huge number of different shapes – from simple forms to complex designs. We benefit from in house pattern makers, who have a high level of skill to meet architects’ requirements.

Similar in appearance to natural and cast stone dressings, our GRC has the additional benefits of being lightweight and more durable. We manufacture all grades of GRC (8P, 10P, 18P). Our technical department will ensure that the correct grade is used for the specified product.

All products are tested in-house using GRCA recognised testing equipment that is regularly calibrated.

Grade 8p

This is ideal for small units and the production of intricate and decorative architectural pieces.

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Grade 10p

This grade is suitable for units up to approx. 1.2m2 (50kg)

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Grade 18p

This grade is generally the strongest of the GRC material types and as such is suitable for large..

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Chatsworth GRC will help the design team specify the correct grade for the project requirements.

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